Summer 2012 “Talking The Talk”

Terry Franzén will chair the Consumer Financial Services Committee Meeting at ABA’s Annual Meeting in Chicago and speak on Avoiding Deceptive Advertising at the Automotive Training Solutions webinar in August.  In September, Terry will participate in a foreclosure litigation panel discussion on Best Practices for Ensuring Compliance with New Document and Affidavit Procedures at ACI’s Residential Mortgage Litigation and Regulatory Enforcement conference in DallasShe will also speak on Happy Employees Make a Healthy Workplace at the Automotive Training Solutions webinar and address the ABA’s Third Annual National Institute on Consumer Financial Basics in Washington, D.C. in October.  In November, Terry will address the Georgia Bankers Association and speak at the 16th Annual CRA and Fair Lending Colloquium in San Antonio.

In October, Loretta Salzano will speak on loan originator compensation at the MBA’s Regulatory Compliance Conference in Washington, D.C, the new RESPA/TILA disclosures, QM and QRM at the ALTA Annual Convention in Colorado Springs and on regulatory matters at MBA’s Annual Convention in Chicago.  In November, Loretta will address fair lending and loan originator compensation at the MBA’s inaugural Independent Mortgage Bankers Conference in Dallas.

Jenny Dozier will speak on current mortgage lending issues at SECUREN’s Fall Conference at Lake Lanier Islands and on the new RESPA/TILA disclosures in October.

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