Fall 2022 States In Brief


Arizona passed Senate Bill 1394, which removes the requirement to hold a separate license for additional assumed names or trade names. The Bill is effective September 24, 2022.

Arizona passed Senate Bill 1204, which amends provisions related to the responsible individual of mortgage brokers. The Bill is effective September 24, 2022.


Kentucky passed House Bill 523, which establishes priority of a deed of trust or mortgage over a prior lien. The Bill was effective July 14, 2022.


The Governor of Ohio signed into law Senate Bill 264. The Bill provides employees of mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, and mortgage servicers to work from a remote location. The Bill is effective September 13, 2022.


Texas adopted amendments to the regulations that implement the home equity lending provisions of the Texas Constitution, Article XVI, Section 50. The amendments revise the definition of “business day.” The amendments were effective July 14, 2022.

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