“Talking The Talk”

“Talking The Talk” 

Terry Franzen spoke on loan servicing at ACI’s Residential Mortgage Litigation Conference in Dallas and addressed ABA’s Consumer Financial Services Institute regarding consumer finance litigation and regulatory enforcement actions in Boston in September.  In November, Terry will speak on “Loss Mitigation: Recent Developments, HAMP Data, CRA Credit and Best Practices for Assessing Fair Lending Risk” at the 2011 CRA and Fair Lending Colloquium in Baltimore. 

Loretta Salzano spoke at MBA’s Regulatory Compliance Conference in Washington D.C. and discussed regulatory changes at NAPMW’s luncheon in Atlanta in September.  In October, Loretta will speak  on the Dodd-Frank Act at the ALTA Annual Convention in Charleston, short sale fraud and “flopping” at ACI’s Mortgage Fraud Conference in Washington, DC  and “How to Influence Your Regulators and Legislators” on a webcast hosted by October Research Group.  In November, she’ll give a legislative and regulatory update to the American Association of Private Lenders in Las Vegas.  She will reprise her Dodd-Frank Act presentation for Chicago Title in Birmingham in November and for the Louisiana Land Title Association in New Orleans in December.   Also in December, Loretta will discuss Dodd-Frank issues of interest to affiliated business arrangements at a webcast to be hosted by RESPRO.  Loretta will advise of regulatory changes at NAPMW’s National Education Conference in Atlanta next May. 

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